Episode 12: We Kept Doing Plays (D'Arcy Carden and Jason Carden)


You spend one day at Disneyland and before you know it, you're cast in a play in San Francisco along with someone else who was also at Disneyland! That's how D'Arcy and Jason met, hung out, became obsessed with each other, and then did a couple (coupla) revivals. Jason loves how much D'Arcy tweets. D'Arcy loves that Jason would become a hermit without her. That, folks, is love.

D'Arcy Carden is an actress and currently plays 'Gemma" on Broad City. She performs at UCB-LA and has been in many Funny or Die videos that you love, as well as recurred on Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC.

Jason Carden is an executive at production company Walcott Co. Before that, he was a producer at Funny or Die. He also executive produced the short film Darby Forever, which stars SNL's Aidy Bryant and is Vimeo's first original short film.