Episode 2: You Restored My Faith in Airports (Matt Kivel & Emily Hunt)


Matt and Emily met on an airplane when Matt handed a man a flirty note and asked him to pass it to the young lady to his left. That man turned out to be Emily's dad, and Emily turned out to be Matt's future wife. In two days, they'll wed in Northern California in a ceremony that celebrates their time together: a bi-city courtship between a broken pizza delivery boy and a vegan college literature major, a breakup, a bump-in at a Phillip Glass and Joanna Newsom concert as if sent by Cupid's arrow via Craigslist (listen for the full story), and a second courtship in Paris that brought them back together for good (and resulted in two great French haircuts).

Matt Kivel is a speechwriter, beer aficionado, and musician in Los Angeles whose second solo album, ​Days of Being Wild, ​was released last year. This fall he will release his third solo album, ​Janus​, which was recorded in Glasgow with Alasdair Roberts.

Emily's work can be found in Artillery Magazine, YAY LA, Robb Report, Los Angeles Review of Books, DoLA, San Francisco Bay Guardian, World Literary Today, and others. She was a selected participant in the Ashbury Home School poetry conference in Hudson, New York and is a featured reader at the Los Angeles-based Rrose in Prose reading series. She spends her free time cooking vegan fare, sipping red wine, and trying to be let into Matt's band to no avail.