Episode 6: One Not Fart Away From Perfection (Amir Blumenfeld & Jake Hurwitz)


HeadGum founders Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld are in a relationship. A work relationship. So they did us the honor and sat down with us to fill us in on how they fell in love (Jake fell in love with Amir, didn't go to lunch with the rest of the College Humor team, tricked Amir into being his friend, Amir was okay with it). Take a listen to learn why they don't need girlfriends because they have each other.

Jake and Amir are the founders of HeadGum, the podcasting network with great taste and style. You may know them from 'Jake and Amir,' their supremely popular longest-running Webby-award-winning CollegeHumor web series with many loving, zealous, dedicated fans. They also co-host the podcast "If I Were You," in which listeners send in queries that Jake and Amir are both qualified and not qualified to advise on. If you live in cities besides LA, you can check out their live recordings! Philadelphia on 11/11, Brooklyn on 11/12, and some other TBA cities that you can hear about on ifiwereyoushow.com.

Thanks Jake and Amir for inviting Coupla Questions into your podcast home, that you two live in together.