Black Girls Talking BGT EPISODE 56: Take a nap, Kanye.

February 4, 2016

Alesia Aurelia Fatima Ramou

We’re discussing the 24 hour moving train wreck that is Kanye and the Kardashians – for the last time, Beyonce willing. Also on the docket: Blac Chyna the chess master, Birth of a Nation and why we need more movies about American history with black folks at the helm, an update on that awful Straight Outta Compton casting call and a beautiful moment in shade history courtesy of Gabrielle Union.

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Kanye West Viciously Attacks Wiz Khalifa in Incredible Twitter Rant:

Kanye answers question on accountability to black women within the context of his music (starts at 1:28:00):
Why I’m Ready for More Slavery Films:
BGT discussion on the Straight Outta Compton casting call:
Gabrielle Union on Dionne not Warwick: