Coupla Questions Episode 13: That Girl’s Hiding Peanut Butter From Me (Erin McGown & MeLissa Luna)

January 19, 2016

Claire Beitcher Dannielle Owens-Reid Erin McGown MeLissa Luna

From the summer camp mountains of Washington to the very affordable rent of Nashville, from the airwaves in between and the comedy-filled notebooks within, from beds at the Loews Hollywood to twin beds not there, from peanut butter trombones to personalized Dallas Clayton love letters, THIS is the business-centric love story of ERIN & MELISSA.

Erin McGown and MeLissa Luna form the musical comedy duo Erin & MeLissa. They perform regularly at UCB-LA and have produced music videos for many of their songs, which are available on iTunes. They also host a podcast called Group Text that Claire and Dannielle have not been asked to be guests on.