The Easy Chair Episode 24: Hand Me Down & Rip Van (featuring Stephanie Spaulding)

January 12, 2016

Laura Hurwitz

This week on The Easy Chair is my first ever three-peat guest writer, Stephanie Spaulding, telling not one but two short short stories, twofer micro-fiction, if you will. “Hand Me Down” is about the dubious legacies we pass down, one generation to the next. “Rip Van” describes the hilarious confusion that ensues when Rip, a hungover bearded time traveler from the early 20th century, emerges from a century-long slumber into a group of hipsters in modern-day Brooklyn. The stories are linked by a common theme: sleepwalking through life, literally and figuratively. Can you tell I’m in love with this episode? Tune in! You won’t want to miss it.