Episode 32: The One Where We Go Long

August 12, 2015

Erin Mallory Long James Woodham Krista Doyle

The one where Krista, Erin, and Jamie discuss episodes 03×09 (TOW The Football) and 03×10 (TOW Rachel Quits). You know how you were just thinking, “Hey, isn’t about time that Best Of Friends had another special guest on?” Well guess what? We heard your subconscious musings (busted!) and your prayers have been answered! Joining us for a very sporting discussion this week is everyone’s dearest chronic Friends tweeter, Brett Ryland (@BrettRyland)! Bring it in and huddle up as we analyze (and perhaps even, overanalyze) an all-time fan favorite episode! And also the episode that comes after it! Okay. Ready? Break!