What Should We Draw Episode 38: Bad. Of the Bone (w/ Magnolia Porter)

December 22, 2016

Caldwell Tanner Magnolia Porter Nathan Yaffe

Gather close, Young Riders. Gather close and listen well. For today, from the Whispering Void known only as What Should We Draw, comes a tale of speed, avarice, and several very beefy, bald men. Clutch your keys tight, Young Rider, for on this day, you shall at long last learn the Fate of the Furious. Once you know this secret truth, then and only then may you walk in harmony with Caldwell and Nathan, the twin keepers of the Void, and also their friend Magnolia Porter (Monster-Pulse, Rose of Winter), who makes a lot of dope shit that you should definitely check out. Good tidings, Young Rider, and may the Carheart ever guide your wheels. 

Download Magnolia’s new game, Rose of Winter!