Coupla Questions Episode 7: The World Would Be A Better Place If There Were Just a Bunch of Ryans (Jason Stamey + Ryan Powers)

October 27, 2015

Claire Beitcher Dannielle Owens-Reid Jason Stamey Ryan Powers

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, then you’ve probably seen Jason and Ryan in matching sequin tuxedos performing a musical number that would melt the tip of any iceberg. In fact, these two met on a cruise and fell in love on a cruise, and unlike that one news story from a couple years ago, no one got thrown off the rails of the ship in a fit of passion or rage. These two are in it to win it. They have traversed the arctic, the prime meridian, the equator, the east coast, and the west coast. They have also traversed that other topography: the heart. Enjoy!

Jason and Ryan live in Los Angeles, although they used to live in New York. After working as entertainers on cruise ships for a few years, Jason is now a casting director and Ryan is an actor. They have yet to take a non-working cruise together.