Episode 89: The One With The Season Seven Finale

September 7, 2016

Erin Mallory Long H. Alan Scott Jamie Woodham Kerri Doherty

The one where Erin and Jamie discuss episodes 07×23 (TOW Monica & Chandler’s Wedding Part 1) and 07×24 (TOW Monica & Chandler’s Wedding Part 2). You’ll hear an impassioned argument from the world’s #1 Ross Defender, you’ll hear differing definitions of the term “A-List,” and you’ll join us in welcoming special guests/fellow Headgum podcasters, H. Alan Scott (@halanscott) and Kerri Doherty (@squideatsquid)! Be sure to check out their fantastic Golden Girls podcast, Out On The Lanai, right after you look up what the word “lanai” means. Are you ready to close out season seven of Friends? Are you ready to get as floopy as humanly possible? Let’s do this, Friendlings! Seven… Seven… Seven!

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