Black Men Can't Jump

Black Men Can't Jump Selma

January 13, 2017

Happy MLK Day weekend! In honor of Dr. King, we review the 2014 film Selma directed by Ava Duvernay and starring David Oyelowo. There’s much to discuss including the controversial screenwriting credit, the detailed and layered portrayal of Dr. King … Listen Now


Twinnovation 77 Season 2 Premier

January 13, 2017

We begin our new post-Dave chapter with a special guest: the wind beneath Mike’s wings, Sarah Schneider. Sarah changes the guacamole game. Jeff revolutionizes glitter. Mike shakes up the sneaker industry. And the Nation proposes a product to help you … Listen Now

Coffee With Chrachel

Coffee With Chrachel EP 139: That Rosebud Binch

January 13, 2017

It’s been a political whirlwind since our last episode so we spend some time talking about the latest Trump-related updates rounded off with a lot of Harry Potter related conversation! Head to and use code CWC to get 50% … Listen Now

Make Me Like It

Make Me Like It 39: MMA with Sam Kemmis

January 12, 2017

Mixed martial arts is a classic example of something we do NOT LIKE. Meryl Streep was damn right they ain’t “ARTS!” We’ve watched a clip or two of it, and it flat-out scares and disturbs us. A no-holds barred fight … Listen Now

We Watch Wrestling

We Watch Wrestling WeWatchWrestling Issue #176

January 11, 2017

The boys add Undertaker to the No Fly List, Grandmaster Sexy’s hit album, Omega v Okada, & more!! Email [email protected] follow @WeWatchWPodcast on Twitter and @WeWatchWrestling on Instagram! Enjoy all the shows on our network This week’s issue … Listen Now

The Easy Chair

The Easy Chair Episode 75: Airstream

January 10, 2017

This week on The Easy Chair “Airstream.” This original story is part of a larger original story. Jill Sweeney is a teenager living a whimsically nomadic life with her bi-polar mother, who takes off whenever she’s manic. They have settled- … Listen Now

Who? Weekly

Who? Weekly Simon Helberg?

January 9, 2017

Did you watch last night’s Golden Globes? Did you figure out who Damien Chazelle was? No? Good. We have a quick rundown of what might’ve happened last night and Who might be the ones people will talk about tomorrow: Ruth … Listen Now


Overdue Episode 219: Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play

January 9, 2017

This week, Andrew brings his oddly deep and specific knowledge of The Simpsons to bear on Anne Washburn’s Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play. In a post-apocalyptic world in which Simpsons quotes were treated as currency, he would pretty much run … Listen Now