Twinnovation 75 Wine Away

December 30, 2016

Dave is geo-tracking murderers. Jeff is keeping your teeth wine free. Mike is syncing your mattress to your lights for optimal safety and comfort. The Nation hustles like it’s their only job. Listen Now

Who? Weekly

Who? Weekly The 2016 Who, Me? Awards!

December 30, 2016

Who’s the best Who who took a vacation with their family? Who’s the best Who who posted an Instagram video? Who’s the best Who who became our biggest fan? Find out the answers to all those questions during the first … Listen Now

Make Me Like It

Make Me Like It 37: CONCERTS with D’Arcy Carden

December 30, 2016

We’ll admit it, concerts were pretty cool. WERE. The older we get, the more we can’t stand-a the concerts-a! So many people, especially tall ones, standing directly in your line of view, eardrum damage, expensive drinks. The list goes on. Listen Now

Ep 84: Christmas Horror Stories

December 27, 2016

THE WORST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! This week we talk about the most awkward, horrific experiences we’ve had during the holidays (YOU WON’T BELIEVE EDDIE’S), and also share some happy memories from the past! GO TO and use the promo code … Listen Now


Overdue Episode 216: A Tale for the Time Being

December 26, 2016

For our last regular show of 2016, we come to Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being and get schooled on the relationship between the writer and reader and the nature of time itself. We also touch on Christmas … Listen Now

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter The Commentarium – “BIG”

December 23, 2016

Join Mike Falzone, Steve Zaragoza, and Penny Marshall* for a special movie commentary adventure through the 1988 cult classic ‘BIG’ starring a young and tall Tom Hanks! Watch Dynamic Banter videos here: *very special thank you to … Listen Now


Twinnovation 74 Scoovel

December 23, 2016

Dave is putting a camera in your engagement ring case. Jeff is making aromatic fingernail polish. Mike is improving your snowman game. The Nation is innovating like never before. Listen Now