Brian Flaherty's episodes

Drew Tarver (Bajillion Dollar Property, UCB)

May 18, 2016

Drew Tarver talks about his crazy introduction to Los Angeles, when his sister was on an off-shoot of American Idol, living in NYC, booking How I Met Your Father and it not happening and doing a lot of comedy at …

Sam Reich (CollegeHumor, Adam Ruins Everything)

May 4, 2016

When Sam Reich is not busy running things over at CollegeHumor’s production arm Big Breakfast, he watches a ton of TV. On the show he talks about how dropping out of high school affected his overachieving family, including former Secretary …

Jessica Goldberg (Creator of Hulu’s The Path)

April 27, 2016

Writer/Creator of Hulu’s Original series The Path, Jessica Goldberg talks about her show’s amazing cast, the cult she created, Meyerism, the drugs, the hugs and the love. She also discusses her life as a playwright, breaking into to film, then …

Brian Volk-Weiss (Comedy Dynamics)

April 22, 2016

BVW talks about his company producing and distributing stand up specials for the likes of Hulu and Roku, the future of VR, what it means to be a network these days and how the Netflix algorithm can change your life.

Mike O’Connell (Funny People, Dr. Ken)

April 13, 2016

Comedian Mike O’Connell talks LA road rage, his show Dr Ken with Ken Jeong, how being a team player is a good thing and doing stand up with a guitar in your hand and singing sad sad songs. All that …

Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline, Star Wars Rogue One)

April 6, 2016

Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn talks Netflix’s Bloodline, playing his PS4, how Nicole Kidman may have helped him get his first Hollywood job and how Scoot McNairy and a bunch of dogs were the best thing about making Killing Them Softly.

Liz Cackowski (SNL, The Last Man)

March 30, 2016

Writer Liz Cackowski talks Second City, her job as a writer on SNL, writing jokes for Dan Harmon, how freaking hard ol’ WIll Forte works on The Last Man, and the scoop on Soccer-Moms. All that on The New Hollywood …

Wayne Federman (Funny People, Larry Sanders Show)

March 23, 2016

Comedian Wayne Federman talks about Woody Allen albums, the sick parties he used to throw, being ‘the’ comedy nerd, hanging with Jimmy Fallon and not getting pissed when his friends have success. And that and more on The New Hollywood …

Max Greenfield (New Girl, The Big Short)

March 16, 2016

Max Greenfield of Schmidt fame discusses his new film with Sally Field HELLO MY NAME IS DORIS, as well as Adam McKay and THE BIG SHORT, Jess, Nick and gang from New Girl and how going in to test for …

The Katydids (Teachers TV Land)

March 9, 2016

Three of the Six Kates stop by to discuss embarrassing trips to the hospital, the Chicago improv scene, moving to LA, getting dumped by that dickhead guy and getting their show on TV (Land). All on The New Hollywood Post …

Robert Eggers (dir. The Witch)

March 2, 2016

Robert Eggers wrote and directed the box office breakout film The Witch and talks to Brian about the 4 long years it took to get it made, his experience at Sundance and his 10-year-overnight success. All that and more on …

Pete Gardner (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Eagleheart)

February 24, 2016

Actor Pete Gardner hits the podcast with tales of the old school Chicago Improv scene, Del Close, Amy and Tina, booking CXGF because he was unable to audition for it and Chris Elliot being a super dude who stands up …

Matt Jones (Breaking Bad, Mom)

February 3, 2016

Matt Jones played Jesse Pinkman’s meth smoking/dealing friend Badger on Breaking Bad. He also plays Anna Faris’ Daddy Momma on the CBS show Mom. And when he came over my house to record this, we stopped the show in the …

Lex Burlington (Drug Dealer)

January 27, 2016

Lex Burlington was the self-proclaimed ‘Coke Dealer to the Stars’ and received multiple credits and thanks on films like Taxi Driver and Being There.

Paul Rust (Love, Inglorious Basterds)

January 20, 2016

Paul Rust discusses his new Judd Apatow produced Netflix show LOVE, his old band with Harris Wittels “Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die”, his first big movie and bomb We Love You Beth Cooper and acting for Quentin Tarantino. All that …

Jake and Amir

January 13, 2016

College Humor celebs and Headgum network overlords Jake and Amir discuss their roots, their humble beginnings in NYC and their super-loyal fans this week on The New Hollywood Podfast…errr …

Peter Bogdanovich (The Last Picture Show)

January 6, 2016

Director Peter Bogdanovich talks about taking acting class with Stella Adler, befriending the likes of John Ford, Howard Hawks and Clifford Odets, making movies for Roger Corman and doing a spit-take on The Sopranos.

Paula Pell (SNL, Sisters)

December 30, 2015

Former SNL and current writer of the new film SISTERS, Paula Pell talks about getting hired on SNL, working with Tina and Amy and using her teenage diary as a pitch-tool to sell Sisters – All on The New Hollyweird …

Amy Landecker (Transparent, Louie)

December 16, 2015

Actor Amy Landecker talks making The Coen Brothers laugh, playing the character with Larry David, obsessing over Jill Soloway and creating a new trend with Louie CK.