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High and Mighty

High and Mighty Episode 64: Marriage w/ Kelly Hudson & Dan Klein

August 25, 2016

gabrus is joined by writers/comedians/spouses Dan Klein and Kelly Hudson to discuss all things marriage, there even manages to be some actual advice in there. Stick around to hear their wedding story, it is a real TWISTER. Brought to you …

Make Me Like It

Make Me Like It 18: SUMMER OLYMPICS with Jon Gabrus

August 11, 2016

So it’s 2016 and the Summer Olympics are happening. BIG WHOOP. Guess who’s not watching them? Dan and Kelly, that’s who because they’re boring. How are we supposed to care about a buncha obscure sports and a buncha random athletes …

High and Mighty

High and Mighty Episode 55: Rambo 2 w/ Ryan Stanger & Ben Rodgers

June 23, 2016

gabrus is joined by his action-movie loving comedian friends, Stanger and Rodgers to discuss RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PT 2. They chop it up about everything, knives, wordy titles, and wordless heroes. get a t-shirt OR tank top …

High and Mighty

High and Mighty Episode 54: Aliens & UFOs w/ Tyler Haines

June 15, 2016

Gabrus’ buddy Tyler Haines joins him in the new High and Mighty studios to discuss ALIENS and UFOs. They talk about the different types of Aliens, False Flags, and shitty youtube documentaries. Part of the HeadGum network. Buy yourself …

High and Mighty

High and Mighty Episode 52: Video Games w/ John Gemberling

June 2, 2016

They are not the same person. Jonny G (gabrus) is joined by Johnny G (Gemberling) to talk about video games. The Giggle Twins manage to chop it up about sex dolls, soylent, and toilet activities. They even mention …

High and Mighty

High and Mighty Episode 51: Hip Hop w/ Jensen Karp

May 27, 2016

gabrus is joined in the studio by Jensen Karp (fka Hot Karl) to talk what kind of hiphop white guys in their 30s are into, battle-rapping, and gabrus’ love of rap punchlines. get your high and mighty t-shirts HERE …

High and Mighty

High and Mighty Episode 50: Banshee Series Finale

May 23, 2016

The final episode of the Fanshee cast (and the 50th episode of H&M) goes about as well as you would expect. No guests (from Banshee or Fanmen) show up, and gabrus tackles the final episode alone. all of you …

High and Mighty

High and Mighty Episode 49: Twitter Q & A

May 19, 2016

Gabrus is joined by NO ONE this week. So he reached out to you the listener to throw him some questions. Lets see if this episode is an unmitigated disaster or not. High and Mighty T-shirt store is up …