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Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 19 – This episode is also about b’s

October 14, 2016

Do YOU know what confectioner’s glaze is? Nor do we. However, that won’t stop us from talking about it for SEVERAL minutes. Watch the E.T. in the Dress VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6PXUkeMULiwfZlqxVuQAiadD1IRekAOU …

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 16 – Sex McFarmland presents: Escape Room Wedding

September 22, 2016

Mike and Steve discuss ALL KINDS of funny things this week; funny sounding names, Hollywood “hook-ups”, jambulance, and things you can do in an escape room to pass the time.   Watch “Trying Not To Laugh In Church” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0BIZ6zX_cw …

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 12 – Magnets

August 27, 2016

Mike insists the Rockin’ Roller Coaster is powered by magnets. Steve isn’t so sure. Trust me, this episode is better than it sounds. To watch video of these sweet boys in action, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT0yH9CEzHo …

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 11 – Stackin’ Breaks

August 19, 2016

There’s an old saying in the standup comedy world called ‘stacking breaks’ – unfortunetly no one else knows this saying because Mike Falzone made it up and it never caught on. Can’t win em all. Elliott Morgan joins Mike …

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 8 – The Small Gentlemen

July 27, 2016

Soul Coughing writing songs about The Winchester Mystery House, talking about the movie Beetlejuice (which is a film about a deceased gentleman), and the best History Road yet.

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 7- Fall

July 17, 2016

Mike had a rough night at the comedy club…but it still wasn’t half as rough as the guy who fell off the stage.

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 6 – Bees

July 8, 2016

Episode 6 – Bees Not gonna lie to you: there’s A LOT of information about bees in this episode. More than you could ever possibly want.

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 5 – Embroidered Quotes

June 30, 2016

Episode 5 – Embroidered Quotes Long lost hypothetical Jesus quotes, tiny Japanese foods, putting dogs into pianos, and making things for the outer-net. Leave your phones at home, it’s Dynamic Banter! …

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 4 – Hi-C Ecto Cooler

June 14, 2016

Ecto Cooler was a VERY sugary drink that entered our bodies MANY times in the early 90’s. Slimer from the Ghostbusters was the drink’s spokesperson…which was very confusing. Slimer’s image on the juice box was replaced by…some lips…in 1997 and …

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 3 – Screaming Lady

June 3, 2016

Episode 3 – Screaming Lady Steve is very afraid of a lady who lives in his apartment building – here’s the story of that. Also it’s important that you know that most of your toys are hipsters, and you can …

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 2 – Bowling

June 1, 2016

This episode when from bowling to appreciating life and back again. Things got REAL deep REAL fast. This might feel like a bit of a change of pace, but hey, that’s probably what ‘Dynamic Banter’ means.

Dynamic Banter

Dynamic Banter Episode 1 – History Road

May 20, 2016

Episode 1: History Road Mike and Steve aren’t just comedians from Los Angeles who think they need to be on another podcast together – they’re FRIENDS. What started on the ‘Cloverfeels’ podcast will continue here on Dynamic Banter.