Nic Rad's episodes


Twinnovation 83 Soap Stud

February 24, 2017

Producer Nic steps into the bear trap and pitches a drone based shaming service. Jeff is cleaning your butt hole. Mike is concealing your identity and starting a movement. The Nation is running a raffle and padding your tushy.


Twinnovation 82 Puff Cup ft. Amanda Ferri

February 17, 2017

Amanda Ferri comes with two notebooks full of genius and she serves up a marshmallow cup. Jeff invents banana caps. Mike is going handsfree and stylish on his cellphone holding. The Nation is thick with disruption and flush with revenue.


Twinnovation 81 Rejacketable

February 10, 2017

Big Poppa Plump, Dave Rosenberg returns, partially, from a conference room while at work, and he pitches self driving boats!? Jeff is deathly ill and literally just asking Dave for his insurance. Mike is coming strong with retractable sleeves. The …


Twinnovation 80 My Little Phoney ft. Shockwave

February 3, 2017

Chris “Shockwave” Sullivan drops by the bear trap and changes the floss game. Jeff is squeezing teabags. Mike is making sure your voice gets heard. Then the Nation helps you get your snack on after you get your rocks off.


Twinnovation 79 Master Race ft. Streeter Seidell

January 27, 2017

Streeter drops by and comes at us with the Master Race. Jeff is punning the game industry. Mike is dropping phones for profit. The Nation is so on point we cut ourselves and bleed all over the rug. This week’s …


Twinnovation 78 Five Things ft. Casey Jost

January 20, 2017

Our boy Casey Jost drops in and pops off. Dude is a savvy and prepared investor. Casey’s theming a restaurant. Jeff is pushing pills. Mike is banking on a golden shower. The Nation is playing the weather. Get your money, …


Twinnovation 77 Season 2 Premier

January 13, 2017

We begin our new post-Dave chapter with a special guest: the wind beneath Mike’s wings, Sarah Schneider. Sarah changes the guacamole game. Jeff revolutionizes glitter. Mike shakes up the sneaker industry. And the Nation proposes a product to help you …


Twinnovation 54 Wundergarten

August 5, 2016

Producer Nic steps into the bear trap for the first time. Jeff creates a taco bar. Mike remaps New York City on the cheap. The Nation comes correct. And a big shout out to our boy Davey for popping the …


Twinnovation Squid Vicious

May 27, 2016

Dave is phoning it in, literally. Jeff is running counterfeit Cuban cigars. Mike is killing and grilling squid on the high seas. Producer Nic fills in for one more week while Dave travels the world. The crew reads another highly …


Twinnovation 43 Dave is in Iceland

May 20, 2016

Our beloved King David is off to Iceland doing international product research. To honor his departure Mike and Jeff along with producer Nic dedicate this episode entirely to schemes and product pitches from the Twinnovation Nation. We cap it off …