Tim Baltz's episodes

Episode 12: Playoffs Pt. 1

March 29, 2016

After a long hiatus due to scheduling, Headgum FBL commissioner Tim Baltz welcomes league GM, Joey Romaine, and stats wizard, Chris Hayden, back into the Headgum studio. We talk fantasy playoffs, end of the NBA season, and commiserate about our …

Episode 11: Hot Tubbing

February 20, 2016

League Commissioner, Tim Baltz, sits down with the two most active smack-talkers in the league, GM’s Utkarsh Ambudkar and Melissa Stetten, and special guest Amir Blumenfeld. We answer emails, talk Melissa’s love of the Clippers and the late fantasy season …

Episode 10: Fantasy Couple

February 1, 2016

League Commissioner, Tim Baltz, sits down with the league’s only fantasy couple – Hottie Pippens GM, Danielle Uhlarik, and Moshe’s Grand Team, Andy St. Clair. We break hot news about their relationship, answers emails, and each go through our all-time …

Episode 9: The Puppeteer (with Jake and Amir)

January 27, 2016

Headgum FBL Commissioner, Tim Baltz, sits down with league GM, Jake Hurwitz, to talk about whether or not Amir Blumenfeld is secretly running his team. Amir responds to the accusations in person, plus takes shot at the Commissioner for making …

Episode 8: Commissioners Only Bonus Episode

January 5, 2016

Headgum FBL Commissioner, Tim Baltz, is joined by Headgum FFL Commissioner (and FBL league GM), Billy Scafuri, to answer our first batch of fan emails, put secrets out into the world, and discuss the stresses of commissioner duties. Bonus commissioner …

Episode 7: It’s Not Your Call, It’s Mike Hall

January 1, 2016

Commissioner Tim Baltz welcomes special guest, Big Ten Network sports anchor, Mike Hall, into the Headgum studio to talk all sports, ESPN Dreamjob, Stuart Scott, Big Ten sports, and Mike’s passionate hatred of the NBA’s post-timeout inbounding rule.

Episode 6: Star Wars vs Creed

December 18, 2015

League Commissioner, Tim Baltz, sits down with League GM Joey Romaine to talk Celtics, what Creed 2 will look like, and the Star Wars theme song.

Episode 5: Horny for Candy

December 3, 2015

HeadGum FBL’s only co-owners, Brad Morris and Andy St. Clair, stop by the studio to talk hot hashtags and talk trash on all of the league’s team names.

Episode 4: Two Packs of Skybox

November 20, 2015

League GM’s Utkarsh Ambudkar and Billy Scafuri join Commissioner Tim Baltz to talk Fantasy Studs, Duds, Crushes, and open 2 fresh packs of 1991-92 Skybox.

Episode 3: Gasps from the Crowd

November 11, 2015

League GM’s, Jake Hurwitz and Joey Romaine, join HeadGum Fantasy Basketball Commissioner, Tim Baltz, to talk about Week 3 of their season, bullying, and all kinds of boxer-droppers.

Episode 2: Sexy Stats

November 3, 2015

It’s ladies night on Episode 2 as GM’s Melissa Stetten and Danielle Uhlarik talk about sexy stats, key swag, and the first week of the fantasy season.

Episode 1: Draft Recap

October 27, 2015

In the inaugural episode of the HeadGum Fantasy Basketball League, Commissioner Tim Baltz hosts a draft recap for the with several of the league GM’s. Freestyle rap, draft night trades, and Drake’s surprising new role with the Toronto Raptors this …