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When you’re Jewish, everything you do and experience comes out Jewi-sh. Each week, Josh Heller & Erika Brooks Adickman compare notes on pop culture, gender, politics & life.



2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 46. Israel + Baseball ⚾ 🇮🇱⚾

March 17, 2017

We sit down with former professional baseball player Josh Eichenstein of the Netanya Tigers to talk about his time in the Israeli Baseball League. Plus, Josh + Erika learn about Team Israel’s performance in the 2017 World Baseball Classic (as …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 45. Purim Is So Relevant RN

March 9, 2017

Official “Friend Of The Podcast” (and Jewish scholar) Rami Raff joins us once again to enlighten us to the MANY parallels between the story of Purim and our current political climate. Can you guess who our modern-day Haman is? …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 44. What Is Israeli Dancing?

March 3, 2017

This week we “Yemenite left” and “Yemenite right” with Israeli Dance experts Orly Star Setareh & Jason Goldman. We learn the history of the movement, dispel common misconceptions about Israeli dance, and you’ll learn what it takes to get a …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 43. Call Your Mother ft. Erika’s Mom

February 24, 2017

This week our special guest is *drum roll* Erika’s mom, Ilene Brooks! Learn about the origins of Erika’s family and how growing up the product of two first-generation Americans (from two dramatically different upbringings) shaped Ilene’s meaning of the word …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 42. How To Throw A 90s Bar Mitzvah

February 24, 2017

Josh and Erika record live from their 90s Bar Mitzvah & Dance Party at the Silverlake Independent JCC. We sit down with 90s B’nai Mitzvah experts Sarah Klegman (Challah Hub) & Maureen Grady. We talk 90s style, music, and tales …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 38. The Art World & Eloping with Daniel Rolnik

January 13, 2017

Daniel Rolnik, “the world’s most adorable art critic” talks marriage, secular shabbats & how to democratize the art market even if you have an overbearing Jewish mother. Catch him on The Jew & The Lotus podcast (http://www.thejewandthelotus.com/) and across the …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 37. F*ck Off, 2016?

January 1, 2017

Josh and Erika each share their thoughts on the year that was…and the year ahead. -Hear Josh’s section starting at 01:11 -Hear Erika’s section starting at 18:02 Tell us your take on 2016 or what you’re hoping for in …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 34. Letting In The Light With Playwright Paula Caplan

December 14, 2016

In our special minisode we’re discussing PTSD, empathy and how the simple act of listening can improve the world with playwright and psychologist Paula Caplan. She has a new show ‘Shades’ currently at the Cherry Lane Theatre Studio until December …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 32. Being Gay In Trump’s America

November 24, 2016

“I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship with America.” “Professional Gay” Morgan Cohn joins the crew to talk about her ongoing fears for the LGBTQ community, and what how she expects Trump’s presidency will effect any progress that has …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 31. Being Jewish In Trump’s America

November 17, 2016

We never thought when we set out to record a podcast called 2 Jews Talking that our title could potentially become worrisome for us. We never thought we’d have to do an episode about the rise in anti-semitism in this …

2 Jews Talking

2 Jews Talking 28. How To Eat In L.A. with Brian Resnick

October 20, 2016

WARNING: Do not listen to this episode while hungry! Brian Resnick, the Healthy Vending Machine King of West LA, breaks down his food rules and how he avoids “food panic” (the moments before one becomes hangry). We also name drop …