Cracked Up episodes

Join  Monroe Martin and Becky Astphan as they interview comedians about their interesting lives and how that translates to comedy. You might cry, but you’ll definitely laugh.

Cracked Up

Cracked Up Fresh Air Fun (@KareemGreen)

February 1, 2017

Kareem Green joins Becky and Monroe to talk about growing up in foster care, glory holes, having multiple jobs and of course, comedy! …

Cracked Up

Cracked Up 72% About Dick (@Chloe_Hilliard)

October 5, 2016

When Chloe Hilliard isn’t crushing it on stage or writing for television, she’s busy being Monroe’s roommate. Becky and Monroe dive in deep, get personal with Chloe, crack it up, you know how it goes! …

Cracked Up

Cracked Up Shootin’ the Shit

August 31, 2016

Monroe and Becky take a minute to catch up with one another and talk about their approaches to comedy, love, and life.