Episode 34: Shoulda Swiped Left (No. 3) (featuring Hannah Hurwitz)


Daughter Hannah, disgruntled serial dater, lets me read two accounts she wrote of dates gone awry. Hannah learns the importance of putting “I don’t date Republicans” at the top of her profile, though it sucks that she can’t add “I also don’t date narcissistic a-holes.” Hannah shares a hilarious listener-submission about a date with a dude who possesses the suave sophistication of a twelve-year-old, complete with froyo, naughty cakes, and vampire comparisons. Yes, you are going to want to hear this, so tune in! Share your dating stories, please, we're begging you. Email us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. As I say, the more, the merrier;

as Hannah says, misery loves company.