Episode 40: White By Default Part 1 (featuring Rabbi Reena Judd)


This week on The Easy Chair: "White By Default" Part One. I am joined by Rabbi Reena Judd, who offers fascinating, wise, and somewhat alarming anecdotes illustrating her unique perspective on life lessons, which we learn only if we are paying attention. Reena’s path to enlightenment includes Lillian, an elderly family friend and serial amputee, shooting guns and washing dishes as a soldier in the Israeli army, a husband who ditched her for her best friend, and a dying cat who turns up in a very different incarnation 25 years later. Reena may be a legit rabbi but she is jaw-droppingly irreverent, a true radical. Tune in for the first of two episodes guaranteed to make you laugh…and blow your mind. Please note: Hannah and I would love to share your dating stories. Anonymity preserved, we promise. Send them to easychairpodcast@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!