Episode 42: Buzz Cut (featuring Stephanie Spaulding)


Today on The Easy Chair, uber-popular guest author Stephanie Spaulding returns with “Buzz Cut.” Katie’s boyfriend Rod is That Guy, the narcissistic epicenter of every twenty-something social group, a charismatic, eviscerating Alpha Male. One drunken evening at The Totem Pole (in Rod’s opinion the only real bar left in the city) Rod calls Katie out in front of all their friends, telling her there is something she must do one time in her life. Will she?

True to Stephanie Spaulding’s impossible to pigeonhole storytelling form, you won't have seen this coming. Tune in! Next week it’s Shoulda Swiped Left #5. Jake is home for his cousin’s Bat Mitzvah (Mazeltov in advance, Sophia Hurwitz!) as well as a sit down with sister Hannah for a recap of her recent dating escapades. Hannah and I will also read some unique accounts of dating fiascos sent in by our listeners. It’s going to be fun. Also- keep those dating stories coming; we will happily share them while maintaining your anonymity. Send them to us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com.