Episode 45: Tattooland: Bring Your Passport (featuring Cameron Gearen)


This week on The Easy Chair: "Tattooland: Bring Your Passport." Brilliant returning author Cameron Gearen, one-time visitor to Tattooland, is going to share her deft memoir of this very particular time at a very particular place. The tale includes her fifteen-year-old daughter, who sports a pair of helixes she really, really, really wants pierced. There’s the chain-smoking tattoo parlor owner, who oversees and serves those inhabiting his grungy waiting room, an array of characters eager to be inked and pierced. Cameron is a keen observer, and this place is like no place she has ever been before. Apprehensive but game, Cameron never loses her clear eye or sense of humor. It’s a totally true tale of a walk on Wisconsin’s wild side that I guarantee you are going to love. Next week: "Loose Lips", Cameron's intense shocker of a short story. And, if you have an on-line dating fiasco you’d like Hannah and me to share on a Shoulda Swiped Left episode (we won’t reveal your identity, promise!) email us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com.