Episode 48: Pariah


Today on The Easy Chair: “Pariah.” Every classroom has one. Most teachers, whether they admit it or not, contribute to the climate that spawns pariah-dom. Taylor is a pariah, and seventh-grade teacher Paula Barlow’s cross to bear. With his whiny voice and incessant questions, Paula finds herself barely able to resist smacking and/or strangling him. But hey, she’s a professional. Instead, she forms an alliance with star pupil, Sophie. Sophie is just like Paula was, back in the day. Or is she? In this tale out of school, you find out what happens when the upper hand slips. All characters are fictional, I swear, but not that far from a reality I once knew all too well. Tune in! Next week, another teacher’s story, this one with a very different (and shocking) epiphany. Also- keep those dating story emails coming! In a couple of weeks we’ll have another episode of Shoulda Swiped Left with Hannah and Jake, and Hannah and I hope to share a listener’s tale of dating woe. Send your story to easychairpodcast@gmail.com.