Episode 49: Learned Behavior (featuring Daisy Ferris)


This week on The Easy Chair: “Learned Behavior.” Teacher-turned-writer Daisy Ferris tells a story about a teacher's relationship with a student. Trudy is bright and enthusiastic. She is also demanding, immature, and sheltered by her over-protective bully of a father. Trudy's teacher struggles to suppress her conflicted impulses and succeeds…or so she thinks. But...a student like Trudy is a landmine, and missteps, even unintended ones, come at a great price. Tune in for this wise tale about a devastating life-changing lesson learned. Next week: in case you missed it, here’s your chance to hear “Trouble in Paradise”. It’s the progressive story my loved ones crafted over a week in our own untroubled paradise last winter, an absurdist, humorous group effort about a family coming apart at the seams, and the tropical vacation that was supposed to save everything, but goes hilariously wrong.