Episode 50: Trouble In Paradise


This week on The Easy Chair: “Trouble in Paradise.” This one bears repeating. Literally. When the Hurwitz family and a couple of wonderfully significant others were on Captiva Island last winter, we wrote a great and only slightly offensive/shocking progressive story about a family on a tropical island vacation. Every person wrote a paragraph, taking the tale in a new (and generally very weird) direction. Basically, it’s about a family coming apart at the seams, thanks to an illicit affair and a dog named Billiam. You will love this zany group effort even more times two. Next week, I am snagging Hannah and Jake for the seventh episode of Shoulda Swiped Left. We are together en famille in New York for the wedding of Hannah’s BFF (Hannah is maid of honor). We also have an email from a reader to share, and Hannah has some new developments on the dating front, or so I’ve heard. Jake will weigh in. I can’t wait to hear this one myself.

And, if you’ve got an on-line dating debacle you'd like the world to know about, write to us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com.