Episode 52: The Morning Of


Today on “The Easy Chair”: “The Morning Of,” a short fiction by yours truly. Allie’s day starts off like any other- she is annoyed at Hank, her oafish spouse. So much noise, as he lumbers down the stairs (typical) only this day, he’s carrying a packed suitcase and making his way to the Passat her parents gave her to leave her (definitely unexpected). From there, Allie’s day spirals down through shock, anger, ennui, and a gruesome Pokémon Go tragedy. All is not lost, though; the rain cloud has a furry silver lining. It is a tale guaranteed to get your mind off politics. Dog lovers: this one’s for you. Tune in! Next week, guest author Stephanie Spaulding joins me to tell a story that, unless you are lacking a human heart, will have you running for the Kleenex. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but I want you to be prepared. Steph and I will discuss our recent writing retreat, which was fabulous and included s’mores. Also, please send your online dating stories our way for Shoulda Swiped Left 8 at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. Hannah and I want to share it with the world.