Episode 54: Notes From Underground


This week on The Easy Chair, “Notes From Underground” (thank you, Fyodor Dostoevsky, for the cool title). I wrote a dystopian satire about life in the United States after the reign of the Trumps: Donald the 1st, Donald the 2nd, and current ruler, King Barron. Heroine Misty McPherson is one of a growing number of covert underground intellectuals plotting to re-take the Trumpified United States. She’s a reader, a thinker, and professional athlete- a standout member of the U.S. Pole Dancing Team, Pole Dancing being one of the four nationally sanctioned sports for women, along with Nude Beach Volleyball, Mud Wrestling, and Competitive Twerking. Don’t let Misty’s complacent exterior fool you- she’s just biding her time until the revolution. This story features tragedy along with triumph; love, along with subversion. For anyone interested in the surreality that is this year’s Presidential election, you are not going to want to miss this episode, which is rated R for some adult themes/language. Next week: Shoulda Swiped Left, Nantucket Edition. Hannah and Jake will be sharing whatever it is in the world of on-line-dating Hannah has been up to. I have no idea (though she’s been in a good mood recently); I’ll find out when you do. And please, any dating debacles you’d like to send our way, email us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com.