Episode 56: Nantucket Scrapbook


Today on the Easy Chair: "Nantucket Scrapbook." During our vacation, I canvassed (fine, harassed) my family for Nantucket memories, and this is what they gave me. For the Hurwitz family, summer crystallizes around the weeks in August we spend at the Josiah Coffin House in Nantucket. Thirty-plus years of summers have spawned no shortage of experiences, and it was fun to recall the moments that have stuck with each of us. Among other things, you'll hear about a ghost sighting, our family band’s big payday, and an weird incident involving a cousin and a bayonet. Think of this as taking a trip with the Hurwitz family down random memory lane. This is my way of saying a wistful farewell until next year to the season and place and people I love most in the whole wide world. Next week: it’s a story by the ever-popular returning guest author Saul Fussiner. Tune in! It’s going to be awesome.

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