Episode 57: What Lingers (featuring Saul Fussiner)


This week on The Easy Chair: “What Lingers” by popular returning guest author/master storyteller Saul Fussiner. It’s the story of what happened one long-ago summer in Maine between two boys and one treasured knife. Saul tells a coming-of-age story like no one else: hard, sweet wisdom without a trace of sentimentality. We also shoot the breeze some, and discuss family vacations, Saul’s introvert status, shared with President Obama, and the telling vs. the reading of stories. It’s a perfect warm, wistful episode for tuning in as the nights turn cool on the slide into autumn. Next week: she’s back! Author Stephanie Spaulding spins another magical yarn, this one from her short story collection, “One Tough Cupcake.” For those of you who like their realism laced with humor and a touch of magic, Stephanie’s got a story for you. And keep those dating stories coming in to me and Hannah at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. We are only two weeks away from Shoulda Swiped Left #9!