Episode 59: Shoulda Swiped Left #9 (featuring Hannah Hurwitz and Jake Hurwitz)


Episode 59: Shoulda Swiped Left #9! Okay, so, with the theft of my laptop behind me, I sat down with Hannah (in person) and Jake (on the phone) for another Shoulda Swiped Left episode. Hannah has discovered that home ownership has put a serious crimp in her dating life, but she does have a couple of new developments, which she discusses with Jake. We have two cool dating stories to share, and one of them contains some constructive criticism for Hannah. How will she take it? Are you as nervous as I was? Jake weighs in. Please join us for this very candid segment- quite possibly my favorite Shoulda Swiped Left episode yet. And if you’d like to share a dating debacle, story, or insight, email us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. We want to hear from you!