Episode 61: Left Back


This week on The Easy Chair: “Left Back.” In 19th century America, pioneers in search of a better life made their way west. It wasn’t an easy crossing, and pioneers were plagued by various misfortunes, from bad weather to wagon breakdowns to catastrophic diseases. Willa Rowland and her family are traveling from Nebraska to California when a fellow traveler succumbs to typhoid, highly contagious and often fatal. When illness strikes the Rowland family with tragic results, the wagon train must press on to get to the Hastings Cutoff lest they get trapped in the snows of the Sierra Nevada mountains. There is no place for sentiment on the trail, but what about compassion? Tune in. It’s a story you won’t forget. Reminder: Keep those dating debacle stories coming! Our next episode of Shoulda Swiped Left returns next week (Hannah and Jake, I hope you are paying attention). Email us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com.