Episode 69: Shoulda Swiped Left 12 (featuring Hannah Hurwitz and Jake Hurwitz)


Today’s Easy Chair episode: Shoulda Swiped Left #12, with Hannah and Jake. Hannah and I start off with a jaw-dropping date-gone-missing tale from “Rejection Girl.” Then, Hannah and Jake took some time during this past Thanksgiving weekend to talk about developments in Hannah’s dating life, including why guys text weird stuff and women are then required to decode and interpret texts. Jake tells about an unexpected guest in his bed. Speaking of beds, the Hurwitz family is down a bed and apparently I can get a new mattress if I increase my listener traffic. Do yourself a favor, do the Hurwitz family a favor, and take a listen to my new favorite Shoulda Swiped Episode ever, or else Hannah will have to sleep on the gross mattress from the attic. And please- any stories you’d like to share (anonymously!) send them to easypodcast@gmail.com.