Episode 74: Like An Evening Gone (a story by guest author Pamela Hamilton)


This week on The Easy Chair: “Like An Evening Gone,” by brilliant guest author Pamela Hamilton. This is a snapshot of a lost soul. On the heels of the revolutionary sixties, when screwing and LSD were goals, at least for suckers, freedom looked like something it wasn't. This child of an alcoholic traveled out into the wide world lacking her own latitude and longitude, disguised, at least to herself, in the patina of non-conformity and bravado. What ensued was years of disorientation. This is part of her story, told with brutal simplicity, and trust me, it will be on your mind for days. Tune in. Next week: I am flying to Oakland, California, to record some short pieces by an incredibly talented young writer, Laura Winnick. Knowing Laura, we’ll be laughing a lot, plus her work will blow you away. In two weeks, another Shoulda Swiped Left with Hannah and Jake. What will the new year bring? I honestly have no idea. And please, any dating stories you’d like to share, email us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com.