Episode 75: Airstream


This week on The Easy Chair “Airstream.” This original story is part of a larger original story. Jill Sweeney is a teenager living a whimsically nomadic life with her bi-polar mother, who takes off whenever she's manic. They have settled- temporarily, Jill is certain- in the small town of Claremont, New Hampshire. So far, it’s been okay. Some things are the same as they are in every other town, in every other state (the strip mall CVS, the high school cliques), but something is different about this place. (Note: it occurs to me you can definitely tell I have a cold when I was recording this, but I’m hoping you’ll find it endearing, rather than annoying. Next week, another story, something VERY DIFFERENT, and by then I’ll sound like my old perky self.

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