Episode 77: Shoulda Swiped Left #14 (featuring Hannah Hurwitz and Jake Hurwitz)


This week on The Easy Chair: Shoulda Swiped Left, #14! You are going to love this. Seriously. Hannah and I share an email from a patient listener with a wise approach to dating success. Spot on, I say, while Hannah is still a bit more cynical. Jake calls in from California and the siblings discuss what’s been happening in the world, from Hannah’s dates to home furnishings to ghosts and murderers, Trump and the Women’s Marches. As always, new revelations, and very witty banter. This episode is 100% genuine, from both the head and the heart, utterly free of "alternative facts" and narcissistic posturing. My new favorite Shoulda Swiped Twice. I think you'll agree.

Next week: A new tale by my Aussie writer friend Rosemary Jones. I can’t wait. And please, keep those dating emails coming to me and Hannah at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. We want to hear from you!