Episode 81: Shoulda Swiped Left 15 (featuring Hannah Hurwitz and Jake Hurwitz)


This week on The Easy Chair: Shoulda Swiped Left #15! Hannah joins me to read a fabulous email that underscores the painful but enlightening complexity of human connection, after which Jake joins the podcast from the airport in Hawaii. The sibs talk houses, the details of Hannah’s WORST DATE EVER, and Ambien. Obviously, it’s an episode that’s full of surprises. Trust me, you will not want to miss it. Next week: It’s back to story time, pure and simple. Author Stephanie Spaulding returns for a sweet love story that will surprise you in the best possible way. There will be no mention of Donald Trump except in passing, in our witty banter. And if I can reiterate: daters out there, please, please, please consider sending me and Hannah an account of your dates, from delirious to disastrous. Email us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. We want to hear from you!