Episode 82: All the Unsent Cards (featuring Stephanie Spaulding)


This week on The Easy Chair, I am joined by guest author/cohort Stephanie Spaulding. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all those unsent greeting cards, Stephanie offers one theory, in the form of a wistful love story set in a card shop. Cynical Mike is the employee who takes pleasure in feeding unsent cards into the shredder. Andie is the shop manager who loves nothing more than gushing over these ephemeral expressions of love. Mike and Andie are polar opposites…except that they both are longing desperately for the exact same thing: to really, truly, feel. This story is guaranteed to make you celebrate being human. Next week: Stephanie and I launch our new monthly Easy Chair feature: “Mightier Than the Sword.” It’s an advice podcast for all aspiring writers. Steph and I will offer heartfelt commiseration, amusing anecdotes, and hopefully, useful writerly advice. A BIG SHOUT OUT to my new sponsor, Audible, which offers an unmatched selection of audio books, original audio shows, news, comedy, and more. For your free (free!) audiobook, just do what I did: sign up for a 30 day trial at www.audible.com/chair.