Episode 86: The Skinny (Chapter 1)


Episode 86: “The Skinny.” This is the first chapter of a novel in progress. Sophie, a high school senior, is struggling with an eating disorder. So far she has avoided inpatient treatment by telling her therapist, her family, and her friends that she is on the road to recovery from her binge eating disorder. She plays the part but she knows what publicly looks like a step forward is often privately two steps back. Then comes the devastating crossroads day that Sophie can’t walk away from. She's got to make a choice. It's a difficult but important story. Take a listen. Next week, it’s Mightier Than the Sword, with seasoned writer (me) and newbie writer (Stephanie Spaulding). Fresh off of our spring breaks, her idyllic, mine calamitous, we will offer writing advice and encouragement to all who seek it. Write to us at easychairpodcast@gamil.com with Mightier Than the Sword in the subject line. We’d love to hear from you! This week’s episode is brought to you by none other than Blue Apron. Make exciting, innovative meals with fresh, totally real ingredients, delivered straight to your door!