Episode 87: Mightier than the Sword #2 (with Stephanie Spaulding)


This week, it’s the return of “Mightier Than the Sword,” the advice podcast for writers! Co-host Stephanie Spaulding has returned from a dream spring break trip to Italy, and I have returned from a nightmare trip and wrist break in Puerto Rico. We have a great question from former colleague and prize-winning published poet Cameron Gearen, which sparks a discussion of the differences, real and perceived, between poetry and prose. Why do writers write, and whom do they write for? Take a listen. Better still, join the conversation by writing to us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com, with Mightier than the Sword in the subject line. If you have a question about writing, or some advice you'd like to share, Stephanie and I would love to hear from you.

Next week, it’s a poignant short memoir piece by Australian author Rosemary Jones about learning to dress her mother. Anyone with an aging parent (or a human heart) will not want to miss this tale. Tune in!