Episode53: Cemetery House (featuring Stephanie Spaulding)


This week on The Easy Chair: “Cemetery House.” Stephanie Spaulding takes a microscope to small-town life in her fictionalized version of the village of Lincoln, Vermont. Stephanie, who grew up in another tiny Vermont town (population 250), knows firsthand about the genetic stubbornness and single-minded individualism proudly embraced by some New Englanders. In Lincoln, a feud has broken out over Ray’s unorthodox choice of lawn decoration. Stephanie’s story considers the human weaknesses that cause a feud to fossilize and what it takes to thaw even the most hardened grudge. Have some tissues handy as you listen to this tale of anger, loss, and eventual brotherhood. Next week I’m cooking up something creative. I’m still trying to figure it out but it's going to be political. The week after that: Shoulda Swiped Left 8, from our annual family vacation on Nantucket Island, where Hannah and Jake will be joining the rest of the Hurwitz clan for fun and sun. Jake’s been globetrotting with Amir, Hannah’s a new New Haven homeowner, and yes, she’s been dating. Maybe there’s good news…or not. I’ll be finding out when you do. Tune in!

Also- send those dating stories to me and Hannah at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. We want to share them!