Episode76: This Boy’s Reading Life (featuring Jake Hurwitz)


“This Boy’s Reading Life” featuring none other than my son Jake. Jake and I had a frank and funny conversation about his reading life, from The Night Before Christmas to The Fountainhead. Come to find out I pronounce Ayn Rand’s first name incorrectly. Who knew? Which Roald Dahl book did I read aloud to Jake when he was a child? What turned Jake into an avid reader at age 24, and why has he since slowed down? Questions you never knew you had will be answered. This relaxed, free-wheeling episode was recorded in the mountains of magical Ojai, California. You’re gonna love it. Next week: Shoulda Swiped Left! Hannah (in person) and Jake (remotely) will join me, and I can’t wait. We have a very cool dating tale from a listener and undoubtedly some news that I don’t know about. It’ll be fun. And if you have a dating story you’d like to share, write us at easychairpodcast@gmail.com. We want to hear from you!