43. Call Your Mother ft. Erika's Mom

This week our special guest is *drum roll* Erika's mom, Ilene Brooks! Learn about the origins of Erika's family and how growing up the product of two first-generation Americans (from two dramatically different upbringings) shaped Ilene's meaning of the word "family". We talk New York tenements, seltzer and the unbelievable story of how Ilene helped rescue her Aunt Ida from certain death. Plus, Josh finds out what Erika was really like as a child. You'll also learn how to play "Poop Or No Poop". But first, CALL YOUR MOTHER!

*Josh gets the dirt on what Erika was like as a kid (2:52)

*Ilene's parents growing up as children of immigrants (26:03)

*On the importance of being a dutiful child (34:26)

*On visiting Erika's great grandmother in her Lower East Side tenement (37:30)

*The amazingly true tale of how Ilene and her sister Susan rescued Aunt Ida (48:05)

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