50. Passover BEATS by HELLER ft. Freddy Ruxpin

Ok so we are on Passover break this week, and Erika told me it'd be cool if I played some of my signature BEATS by HELLER for our episode. This is kind of a techno mix but it goes a little experimental.

Totally cool if it's not your thing, but if it is holler at me!

So this is a jam that I did with Lumpee Le AKA Freddy Ruxpin a few weeks back. His brother let him use the notorious SH-101, which he found in a dumpster in Nagoya, Japan. I was getting those synth bass grooves from the Korg Volca Bass, those EPIC 808 kicks from the TR-8, and the synth lines from my dad's old CZ-101, which I hooked up to an SQ-1 sequencer. Also used my SP-404 sampler. I remixed it all in Ableton, so added a couple of new grooves, but all those textures are from the gear.

Hope you enjoy!

Chag Sameach!

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