62. On the Front Lines of Antisemitism w/ Shmuel Gonzales

This week we're happy to bring back Shmuel Gonzales, The Barrio Boychik.

Shmuel talks about his experience on the front lines of a recent Orange County protest. He was attacked by white supremacists, but the Mexican American Jewish kid in the yarmulke, got taken to jail not the fascists who attacked him. Shmuel, a gifted historian, also talks about the long history of the KKK, Nazis, and antisemitism in Southern California. This very important episode shows that the antifascist fight we've been engaged in for decades is not just history. Antisemitism still must be confronted in Southern California in 2017. You can see the historical photos talked about in this episode on Shmuel's Instagram: @BarrioBoychik

Shmuel heads to court later this month. For more information on how to contribute to his legal defense fund, head to his website: https://barrioboychik.wordpress.com


It's the month of Elul, and we thought you might want to celebrate by listening to Donnie Cohen-Cutler's epic Elul Is Here playlist on Spotify. He recommends that you "listen on shuffle, like life."


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