66. Controlling the Narrative in the Trump Era w/ DCC

Josh went up to San Francisco last week, and interviewed his old bud Donald C Cutler. DCC is an expert in Public Relations and a member of San Francisco's Jewish community. We had a lot to talk about.

DCC explains how Trump's war on the NFL is part of his larger goal of "controlling the narrative." DCC talks about how we can utilize messaging strategies to combat Trumpism. It's not just about winning the argument, it's about mobilizing people to accomplish a goal. He knows that Jews have got to show up in solidarity with other communities, and while this era looks bleak, he sees glimmers of hope for a better future.

Find Donnie on Twitter @TheDonnieCC

Listen to his Elul playlist here: http://spoti.fi/2y3liFr

Donnie is also the president of Donalds Against Trump.

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