Episode 23: Whey is Bae, and Wine is Fine: A Course in Advanced Cheese Consumption and Entry-Level Wine Buying

Claire and Erica tackle a topic near and dear to our hearts (er, arteries): cheese! From forecasting the current cottage cheese craze to exploring the glory of processed stuff like Provel, it’s solid gold for curd nerds. Then, Michael Drapkin, owner of Kingston Wine Co. (and creator of the best wine subscription ever) gives us tips on buying wine by the case and whites to drink in the winter.

“Orange wine is absolutely something more and more folks are coming in to my store and inquiring about.” [35:00]

“The next trend would be Slovenian and Croatian whites and reds… I’m excited about them. The price to quality is fantastic!” [36:30]

–Michael Drapkin on A Few Things