Good Vibes w/Mike Kelton (Beyond)


TW: this episode contains mentions of self-harm and suicide. Please be advised.

We have dream guest Mike Kelton from 'Beyond with Mike Kelton.' Mike is a producer, director, comedian living in Brooklyn with his sassy boyfriend. Recently finishing up directing season 1 of Dragnificent on TLC, Mike is now currently living in sweatpants and spending time working on his supernatural podcast, Beyond with Mike Kelton, which can be found on the Forever Dog Network. Follow @mikekelton on Instagram for fun Instagram stories where he will make you answer non sensible polls. Also, important to note, Mike remembers being born. Can you imagine? He tells us stories of a confrontation of someone in his college apartment and the haunting of LES thrift shop.

We have some great listener stories too! Mandy had a very strange experience with ball lighting and a wind tunnel of emotions. Bethany visits a Witch cave in Spain and has a startling experience with a stranger in a doorway and serial killer lookalike uncle crawling up some stairs. And Jackie gets a phone call from a deceased co-worker.

Please send us your own true paranormal experiences in either a voice memo or e-mail to [email protected].

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