Quarantine Edition 1 - Listener Stories

It's our first installment Quarantine stories from listeners. These are spookies and haunties that have happened since the pandemic hit and we've been spending more time at home...maybe more than some ghosts would like.

Lex writes to us with a ghost who is listening to the podcast and in need of help deconstructing a dream. Jenn has a story about a spooky ghost cat. Jamye fellow podcaster @sitforaspellpod has a story about a little kid ghost and a grandpa guardian angel. Alida writes to us about her goodbye to her grandfather in a dream. Emily may have had a haunted print controlling her? Mimi is safer at home in a haunted house that used to torment her as a child. Lauren has a story about a ghost scaring her husband while she’s at work. 

Please send us your own true paranormal experiences in either a voice memo or e-mail to

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