That's Not My Child - Listener Stories

We're reading more of your listener stories! If you have a story about something spooky happening since the Stay-At-Home orders was issues please send it to us with subject "Quarantine [insert paranormal descriptor here]."

This week Kim gives us some art history with background about the famous painting, "The Nightmare." Lisa has a story about a high maintenance regular who predicted a huge life change for her. Lydia moves into a house right after someone died in it. Lindsey had a past life experience with her dog. In a time of extreme stress JoAnn's missing ring mysteriously reappears. We have two stories from Colton: one about being haunted while dog sitting, and the other a much friendlier apparition. Ashley got her teenage wish from a Ouija board. And Lexi has a creepy story about seeing some scary sh*t at an abandoned Asylum.

Please send us your own true paranormal experiences in either a voice memo or e-mail to [email protected].

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